Easter Food around the World part 1

Easter is now a few days away.  If you saw our previous post, you may have watched the amazing video showing how to decorate some eggs.  The video showed a tradition that is handed down to each generation of this small town.  The outcome of the decoration is just amazing.  The skill and patience required is phenomenal.

We thought it would be interesting to show people what traditional foods other countries cook for their Easter celebrations.  We have created a 2 part post (today/tomorrow), that will show you these other dishes and their source.



Greece – Tsoureki

A sweet, brioche-like bread, braided formed either into a circle or large braids, sprinkled with nuts and served with dyed Easter eggs (often red to represent the blood of Christ).


Ecuador – Fanesca

Fanesca is an Easter soup containing twelve different kinds of beans and grains, figleaf gourd, and pumpkin. It can be garnished with ingredients such as eggs, fried plantains, herbs, and empanadas.


 Russia – Kulich

A yeast “muffin” topped with sugar icing drizzling down the sides, often decorated with sprinkles, flowers, or the symbol ‘XB’ (meaning “Christ is Risen”).


Finland – Mämmi

A thick pudding made from malted rye and molasses, served cold with milk or cream and sugar.


US – Easter Ham

Europe, it has taken on special significance as “the” Easter meat in the US. It is usually served glazed and baked, sometimes with pineapple slices and cherry.


Jamaica – Bun and Cheese

Buns made with spices, dried fruit, and stout, commonly eaten “sandwich-style” with cheese.


Mexico – Capirotada

A bread pudding of baguette-like toasted bolillo soaked in mulled syrup with nuts, seeds, fruits, aged cheese, and sometimes sprinkles and/or raisins. Traditionally served on Good Friday.


Argentina – Torta Pascualina

A tradition shared with Italy – literally ‘Eastertime Tart,’ this flaky savory pie is made of spinach and hard-cooked eggs.


Netherlands – Advocaat

The Dutch do easter eggs right – with alcohol! Advocaat is a thick, creamy egg-based brandy. It can be enjoyed alone or used as an ingredient in puddings, custards, and cakes.


UK – Hot Cross Buns

Sweet, spiced buns with currants and raisins. They are marked with a cross made either from shortcrust pastry or with a paste of flour and water.


Lebanon – Ma’amoul

Also served for traditional Muslim holidays, these are shortbread pastries filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts, and sometimes almonds and figs.




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