Two New Collections

We have just published two new collections on the website.  The first is a nice collection of 33 cupcakes recipes and the second is a Wartime collection from the 1940s.

Cupcake Collection:

I came across this collection a while ago and fell in love with it.  The recipes were easy to follow and have lovely images.  While I am good at baking, I am not so good at decorating my creations.  I never can manage to get my piping correct the first time round and generally end up with a big flat heap of icing on the top of each cupcake.

You can view the original recipes here.  However, this site has been dormant since 2010 unfortunately….if only there were a lot more tasty recipes published on there.

Wartime Collection:

The Wartime Collection is made up of a number of recipes that have come from a booklet called The Kitchen Front. The booklet looks to have been published in 1942. From what I have found out, there was a radio show broadcast by the B.B.C. called The Kitchen Front.

Many listeners of the show wrote to the Ministry of Food and requested the publication of a booklet. It seems they were not able to print all of the recipes that were featured in the radio show; however, they were able to print 122. We have only put 13 recipes so far in the collection as we want to keep everything here regarding baking.



How do I submit a recipe:

In order to sumbit any recipe to the community here, we ask that you create an account.  This helps us prevent people spamming random content on the site and spoiling it all for everyone.

Once you have created and account you can access the Submit A Recipe page.  You will see you have two options:

Your own personal recipe

This option is used for people who want to upload a recipe to the website and provide as much information as possible.  Once you submit the recipe, one of the team here will review it and publish it.  We do ask for you to provide an image with the recipe.  This helps people see what their creation should look like, even if it doesn’t turn out that way.

Recipe linked to another website

If you have a recipe on another website and you wish to link it here, then please fill out the corresponding boxes and submit it for review.  If all is okay, then it will get published within 48 hours.


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