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What is InstaBaking all about I hear you ask….

Primarily this website is all about baking and my love for cakes. I will of course cover other aspects of baking, not just cakes. Even from an early age I loved to bake all sorts of cakes. I used to bake these amazing cakes (at least I thought so), however there was one sight issue. My parents would come home, walk into the kitchen and the whole place looked like a tornado had whisked through the kitchen. I was always good at baking….I just created a lot of mess to go with it….thank goodness we had a dishwasher!!

For a number of years now I have been away from baking, mainly due to work and other activities taking up most of my time. Each year I like to host friends and family for Christmas, which as I am sure most of you will understand, takes a lot of time and preparation. I do not generally remember recipes off the top of my head, so each time i need to go online and find what i am looking for. Most of the time this is a recipe for a Lemon Meringue Pie. When I look at all the other sites out there, they are full of all these lovely, overly complicated and fancy recipes. Yes, i am cooking for friends and family. Yes, i want it all to look nice and impressive. However, I do not have all the skills or tools required to blowtorch little hearts or snowmen on the top of my pie.

The aim of this site is three fold –

1. To provide people with the basic and advanced recipes for things they can bake. These can include our own recipes, recipes you have found and wish to publish on the site or recipes we have found.
An example of something that is coming soon will be the Wartime Recipe collection. This is a collection of recipes that were published to everyday folk by the Ministry of Food in the UK. Not only does it provide an interesting insight into what people used to eat, but also what they used in those times.

2. To provide you with guidance on the ingredients, tools and skills you will need to achieve your baking desires.

You do not need an extensive or expensive collection of baking utensils and pans. We will provide you with some guidance on what you can easily achieve with even the most basic collection. Those of you who are more adventurous, we will of course give you that information as well.

3. Not to ask you for every single piece of personal information just to view the recipe. We care about providing you with accurate information and respecting your privacy at the same time.
There is nothing worst that trying to locate a recipe last minute. You do your google search, find a website and then you need to create an account just to see the recipe. At InstaBaking, the only time you need to give us some information, is if you want to post a recipe or you join our newsletter. This just helps us control spam and also notify you of new recipes and upcoming collections on the website.

Happy Baking and please do share your own recipes with everyone.



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